Registration & Tuition


Parent Ukulele 101 - $30 a class

Parent/Child Family Jam: Children 4-6 years can join a class with their parents and siblings. Tuition is $40 a class for the first parent and child group. If you would like a second parent or child to come, they are $30 a person; the third registrant is free. For example, if you have two parents and two children aged 4-6 years, the total cost would be $70 for the whole family to join.


 Any size Kala Ukulele. Many music stores offer Ukuleles for less than $75. I recommend going into a store and playing them to see what you like. Clip-on Tuners are best when tuning with a room full of people. The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs for Better Living (Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Songbooks) will be provided during class. You may purchase your own electronically or online.

Teacher Cristal plays both the Kala Tenor Exotic Mahogany & Kala Gloss Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with wound Low G strings: Ukuleles do not come with wound Low G. This can easily be done at a music shop for less than $15)